Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat Bastards

So just what New Yorkers need, more government up their (fat)asses. Honest to god, what is with this idiot Bloomberg, does he really think outlawing a Big Gulp is going to cure the obesity epidemic in NYC?
I’m assuming this means Mr. Mayor has cleaned up every other problem facing New Yorkers. According to the web sight in the first 6 months of 2012 156 murders,  rape 617, felony assaults 7526. It appears these activities may need more attention, do ya think Mr. Mayor? How do these stats compare to 2011... does it really make a difference? If your purely interested in stats and not the human factor well here is a chart from the same web sight. 
Seven Major Felony Offenses for all of 2011 So Far 2012

RAPE              1420   617
ROBBERY    19717          7824
FELONY ASSAULT   18482 7824
BURGLARY   18720 7373
GRAND LARCENY   38501       16178
Yes Mr. Mayor, obesity is sad, a shame, costly... but its no crime is it? I live in America not Nazi Germany. What the hell is going on? Have you outlawed murder? Rape? Assault? Grand larceny? And the rest of the seven deadly sins? It appears your old laws won’t work, really now, going after fat people. You may want to put more effort into saving innocent life. As far as I’m concerned... obese people for the most part, know they are overweight, and if they want to continue eating unhealthy let em. See the above chart to see your grand results. 500+ murdered... husbands, wives, children, and grandparents all victimized but don’t worry about that... start the cola wars. How about the 1400+ children, mothers and grandmothers, no I have not forgot rape happens to males as well,  that will carry around the feeling of helplessness and disgrace... you may have just murdered them too Mr. Mayor. Unlike the majority of overweight people that gotta supersize that burger meal, a rape victim did not request or ask for it but as the leader of the city Mr. Mayor who to blame for allowing the real crime spree, all this going on while you are worrying about the obesity epidemic. 
I was not going to write about this issue until last night when I watched a news commentary by a used up news man that has been passed from station to station saying how wonderful he thinks you are for shoving more government up our asses. Seriously, pay attention to real actual crime... or here is an idea you can use... outlaw fat bastards from living, working, or playing in NYC. 

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