Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Electing a President... Another Ponzi Scheme!

Since forced into early retirement, I find I have a lot of time on my hands. Sitting idle is not what I like to do so I find other things to occupy my time. Reality TV is real nor reality... so screw that. The news has caught my attention and over the last year or so I have started to pay attention to what is going on in our world... the USA.

Politics is something I never knew a lot about or got involved with, but with a lot of time to kill you start to pay attention without actually realizing  you are getting involved. I never understood what was so difficult about the job of a politician. To be perfectly honest, I still don't understand.

I have narrowed it down to its simplest form... "The agenda of any politician is to live for the Party." I don't mean the birthday party or the farewell party or the bachelorette party... I am referring to the Political Party, otherwise referred to as 'The Machine" in some circles.

Once in a while we will see true bipartisan actions... but that is very infrequent. It APPEARS no matter what the issue is... weather its wrong or right, good or bad, or anything, anywhere in between,  the politician will support his/her Party to the death... not a bad Idea actually, I would love to see Boner get his ass kicked by Clinton, Hillary that is.

No no no no no, I am not loyal to the GOP or the DNC or any other Party by any other name.  None. Personally I just don't like Boner, he is just a big blow-hard. There are as many that lean left that I dislike as there are right wingers. Seriously... is there a candidate that is in it for the People?

At the time Romney would not release his tax info I did a few searches on the net worth of the presidents both before and after elected to the highest office in the land.

No surprise, after a person is elected to President of The United States his net worth makes a dramatic increase. With this in mind... do you think a politician has any reason to support "special interest"? In almost all cases, a president leaves the office with full pockets. This does not stop here either! Senate and congress must suffer the same consequences, get elected get rich. 

What happened to the idea....  "and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth."

Unfortunately Lincolns word have been long lost is the bureaucracy created by the federal government. Remember when you vote, you will be voting for the party not the man.

Sorry Mr President...the new form of government has deeper pockets and shorter arms.

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Trayvon vs Zimmerman

You will never know who the aggressor was, no one will, were you there. Trayvon and Zimmerman are the only ones that can answer that and right now its a one sided story.
My point anyway, I am not siding with Zimmerman or Trayvon, I’m angry that important cases are tried in the court of public opinion and “guilt or innocents” as a result of media coverage are decided. In my neighborhood when an innocent black child is killed by a black person there is limited media and its the same with a white killing a white, limited media… but black on white or white on black becomes national news.
This case is going to turn out to be no more fair then the Robert Blake trial, or the O.J. trial or any other celebrity over-publicized trial. It is just not right!! ALL cases should get equal attention.
I’m ASSuming for the most part, the Martin supporters are black and the Zimmerman supporters are white and that is just not right either, picking a side based purely on race makes you a racist,  you should be judging the facts not the race! If the question is “why did Zimmerman follow Trayvon” it should be answered with “did Trayvon attack in self defense” or “did Zimmerman shoot in self defense” or “why was Trayvon in that community” or “was Trayvon known around the community and Zimmerman was being racist” or “was Trayvon aggressor because he is racist”? Too many questions to be asked and not one acceptable response will come out of it.
I have seen The Martins on TV and believe Trayvon was a good kid, but… I also believe Zimmerman was defending himself, sorry, I need a smoking gun, nothing less then a video as I’m sure different people will remember seeing different endings of the same event. Will America ever catch up with the rest of the world. Gene Roddenberry, Star Trek creator had a dream that was often put in storyline on the TV show, in a quote from one show “Let That Be Your Last Battlefield”:
Chekhov: "There was persecution on Earth once. I remember reading about it in my history class."
Sulu: "Yes, but it happened way back in the twentieth century, there's no such primitive thinking today."

Wake up America we are in the 21st century, we are a century behind a 50 year old dream.
I'm sure I will never see an end to hatred in my lifetime and instead of things getting better they appear to sliding backwards, can life imitate art, ever, or will we just end up being our own demise!

Monday, June 18, 2012

Hide The Kids...Congress Is In Town!

Congress... Get Your Priorities In Order.
Lets see, wild unemployment...according to as of May 2012 unemployment in the US was at 8.2%, another sight rates the US as 92nd highest out of 262 countries, not bad you would think! However the US has a a deficit we will never dig out of in the next hundred years, according to, the US ranks as #2 in the world deficit, only to be outspent by Ireland, but the forcast is for US to be #! by the end of 2012.

 Crime is also wild as ever... according to, the US is rated highest in crime worldwide with total # of crimes... we can beat the best of the world.

Stack the stats anyway you want but crime is also here to stay just like the deficit and unemployment.

A little more bad news...

Maggie Fox, Health and Science Editor/WASHINGTON | Wed Jun 23, 2010 4:48pm EDT
 (Reuters) - "Americans spend twice as much as residents of other developed countries on healthcare, but get lower quality, less efficiency and have the least equitable system, according to a report released on Wednesday."

So what has congress decided to do about all the mayhem... NOTHING, nothing at all, in an effort to prove which party holds the power. Lets face it, they do not give a damn about anything but power...
So what is congress doing to foolishly spend our tax dollars? Apparently going after athletes on steroids seems to be the latest proof of power fad. 

Seriously, what difference does it make to me, or to the US and the world? More government up our ass! Its a game, thats it, its just a game. If all the professional players quit, if sports became outlawed, would the world collapse... NOT. A few thousand people would have to find a real job just like the other 200 million working Americans. Sports are not a necessity, food is a necessity, warmth and shelter is a necessity, clean water, education, clean air, access to health care... all necessities. Baseball, football, basketball, hockey and whatever else is a player sport it NOT a necessity. Now I’m not saying they have no value, they are just not a necessity. Example: you have not had a meal in 5 days, you aimlessly search for food, and then you see it... 2 doors, one marked all the food you can eat and the other all the baseball you could watch (minus the beer and hot dogs)... if you say I pick baseball then I know you have no idea what its like to go hungry, you are as shallow as they can get, an idiot! When all the necessities are within your reach you forget they are necessities. OK another example... you are bleeding from every orifice and again... 2 doors, all the basketball you can watch or the best healthcare you can get. Again, don’t be an ass, sports are not a necessity by any stretch of the imagination. 
So how long before congress puts an 8 year old child on trial for eating too much candy before PLAYING hopscotch? Its just a game, the number of home runs or yards passed won’t benefit the human race in anyway. Keep up the good work congress, keep spending out taxes on useless shit... keep taking food out of the mouths of our hungry children, you got the power! Hide that Hershey bar kid, congress is in town!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama and Immigration...How are you going to pay for them Mr. Obama?

Well we all knew he would do it... nobody wants to talk about it... and I’m not sure why. If I could have a face to face with Obama I would say, “where ya gettin the money from to support your new illegals? You can’t afford to support the taxpaying citizens now! State programs are being cut due to federal fund to the states are being cut, and federal programs are being cut because you don’t have the funds to pay the bills. So whats up with that  Mr. Obama?
I expect our tax dollars to go to support the taxpaying public and American citizens, where are you going to get the money from? I imagine you will cut more funding to programs we have paid for all the years. Illegals have put a strain on our education system. Overcrowded classrooms, not enough teachers, not enough books and supplies. Our healthcare system is under pressure from illegals. When I go to the hospital I must pay my deductible plus I must pay what my health care insurance won’t cover. That is the health care coverage I must pay out of my pocket. An illegal goes to the hospital and pays NOTHING, it free to illegals. Actually its free to the illegal, and someone must pay and we are that someone, my tax dollars pay for illegals. Crime, housing, food banks all being stressed by illegals. 
I am not heartless, and yes I do extend a helping hand when I can. I realize we are all aliens to the USA except for Native Americans, and that is what makes the USA a great nation. But... ya gotta pull you fair share, because the middle class cannot pay for the poor, the rich and the undocumented.
Seriously, I am NOT opposed to immigration or reform, my grand parents went thru hell to be able to migrate to the USA, and now your just giving it away. It is not fair to taxpayers, it is not fair to Americans or America. It seems like Obama thinks he has a crystal ball... its good for the American people... we owe China how much and how much more will he give away in an attempt to be re-elected. No way I will vote for Romney... but I think we need another option to Obama, its clear he is never going to get a handle on jobs and the budget. He is working hard at re-election, it seems he may have just bought 800 thousand new votes on our dollar.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Fat Bastards

So just what New Yorkers need, more government up their (fat)asses. Honest to god, what is with this idiot Bloomberg, does he really think outlawing a Big Gulp is going to cure the obesity epidemic in NYC?
I’m assuming this means Mr. Mayor has cleaned up every other problem facing New Yorkers. According to the web sight in the first 6 months of 2012 156 murders,  rape 617, felony assaults 7526. It appears these activities may need more attention, do ya think Mr. Mayor? How do these stats compare to 2011... does it really make a difference? If your purely interested in stats and not the human factor well here is a chart from the same web sight. 
Seven Major Felony Offenses for all of 2011 So Far 2012

RAPE              1420   617
ROBBERY    19717          7824
FELONY ASSAULT   18482 7824
BURGLARY   18720 7373
GRAND LARCENY   38501       16178
Yes Mr. Mayor, obesity is sad, a shame, costly... but its no crime is it? I live in America not Nazi Germany. What the hell is going on? Have you outlawed murder? Rape? Assault? Grand larceny? And the rest of the seven deadly sins? It appears your old laws won’t work, really now, going after fat people. You may want to put more effort into saving innocent life. As far as I’m concerned... obese people for the most part, know they are overweight, and if they want to continue eating unhealthy let em. See the above chart to see your grand results. 500+ murdered... husbands, wives, children, and grandparents all victimized but don’t worry about that... start the cola wars. How about the 1400+ children, mothers and grandmothers, no I have not forgot rape happens to males as well,  that will carry around the feeling of helplessness and disgrace... you may have just murdered them too Mr. Mayor. Unlike the majority of overweight people that gotta supersize that burger meal, a rape victim did not request or ask for it but as the leader of the city Mr. Mayor who to blame for allowing the real crime spree, all this going on while you are worrying about the obesity epidemic. 
I was not going to write about this issue until last night when I watched a news commentary by a used up news man that has been passed from station to station saying how wonderful he thinks you are for shoving more government up our asses. Seriously, pay attention to real actual crime... or here is an idea you can use... outlaw fat bastards from living, working, or playing in NYC. 

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I HATE EVERYTHING...The Run For President

Every day the TV and internet attempts to fill us with election bullshit. Seriously, we have been getting bombarded with this for years and it will continue up til November. After each election, the incoming party does stuff with only one end result in mind, re-electing the party, we the people that elected them will get the shaft again.
To start with you should know I am a voter, I am NOT loyal to one party, I have voted for Carter twice, Reagan once, Bush Sr once, Clinton once Perot once, Bush Jr once, and finally Obama once, so far. So I always vote, not always picking the winner and NEVER dedicated to one party, nor do I vote the party line. Personally I think the party system sucks and we need a major overhaul of our election system as well.
Anyway, my point was the campaigning goes on way too long, it seems its one continuous campaign from first day in office til the next election. Some things about the campaigning I don’t understand, like... who pays the airfare to bus the current president, staff and family all around the country? Who pays for the 5 star hotel? Who pays for the security detail? Does the presidents' pay get docked for the time off on the campaign  trail? (We the people...)
In 2008 election, Obama raised 744 million, Cain raised 368 million according to The remainder of candidates raised an additional 4.5 million. So... how many hungry Americans do you think they can feed with a billion+ dollars? I'm ASSuming the majority of contributions come from "Special Interest" that does not have interest in we the people and another large chunk from "Blind Party Loyalist" that will just donate because... that was what my father did, not giving thought to the actual man or robot running for office. 
Again, I am not loyal to any one party, I always do my best to asses the "Man". Yes I'm going to give my assessment for 2012. Romney, really, the GOP could not find a better horses ass to back? I liked Reagan a lot, Lincoln was a republican as well as Eisenhower. I realize the gate of republican nominees for 2012 was nothing more than a bunch of crap bags, and that is why I am confused as to why the GOP ran with such a narrow field. Lets face it, "Obama killed Osama" (yes Mr. may use that tag line as a song title for your re-election campaign) and that in itself should be enough to clinch the election.
Back to my original point, the campaign goes on way too long...way way way too long. There should be strict regulations as to the length of time candidates are allowed to campaign, say 6 months to a year. Another change needs to be in campaign spending. Each candidate would be allowed to spend a maximum amount on any one run. For instance... when a campaign fund has accumulated the maximum amount, no more contributions can be taken for that years election, amount to be determined by an unbiased 3rd party. So now money won’t be the reason a candidate wins. Lies, no more lies. If candidates are forced to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth they won’t have nearly as much to say now will they.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Job You Save May Be Your Own...Don't Buy That Chinese Junk!

My latest form of exercise is to "mall walk", climate controlled, food court, rest room and if I get real tired I just go to the department store and nap in a recliner. So on a recent mall walk I went by a store named "America's Kids" expecting to find American made clothing. On display they had a cool jacket for a child I thought would look good on my 3 year old nephew, so in I went to look at the jacket...
and the first thing I notice is the label, Made in China. I look at another style Made in China, and another and another and another.... I looked at 22 different items, some boys some girls some older kids some younger, not one item I looked at was Made in America. The tally is:1 Pakistan,1 Viet Nam,2 India,2 Indonesia, and 16 China. So why did they not name the store "China's Kids" that may be who made most of the stuff. Needless to say I was pissed. And you must know the picture is much worse than what you see here.

According to the US Department of Commerce: in 2010 the USA IMPORTED from China 364.9 Billion dollars worth of 2010 the USA EXPORTED to China 91.9 Billion in product.

This figure is yet another small part of a much larger picture, the web sight posted this graph...

in 2008 the USA had a trade imbalance of 690 billion with the rest of the world. What this means is, we exported 1.83 trillion in goods and imported 2.52 trillion in goods. IF 10% of the 690 billion trade imbalance is labor cost, and we spent that 10% on labor in the USA we would be able to employ in the neighborhood of 1.4 million people @ 50,000.00 each per year.

I worked for a major US auto maker from 1997 up until 2008. Since 1994 every new car I purchased has been and  still is American made. I understand people have the right to choose as they please and when someone showed up to work in a new foreign car I thought this is like "cutting off your nose to spite your face" and using "a double edge sword" to do the cutting then "biting the hand that feeds you"! Had enough cliches?

There are stores you can shop that sell products just made in America, strangely enough the name of the retailer is "Made In America Store", please visit the web sight (

Another product soon to be available is an American made televisions, Element Electronics has designed a line of American made Televisions, check em' out at for the full story and see the products Made In America.

Buying American made products is not that difficult. If you are reading this blog you have all the tools you need to shop America. If you like having the freedoms Americans have, pass the word to your friends and family. Stop buying that Chinese junk at whatever discount store you shop. WE all need to do our part to save our country.

How about quality... if you have ever done a side by side comparison it is very clear that USA makes products of higher quality. Yes the Chinese junk may be a buck or two cheaper but without doubt you will be replacing that Chinese junk very soon and there goes your 1.66 cents savings. Don't forget, China is a communist government and they support another communist nation(North Korea) so along with your 1.66 cents savings you may be indirectly supporting the next nuclear war!