Tuesday, June 12, 2012

I HATE EVERYTHING...The Run For President

Every day the TV and internet attempts to fill us with election bullshit. Seriously, we have been getting bombarded with this for years and it will continue up til November. After each election, the incoming party does stuff with only one end result in mind, re-electing the party, we the people that elected them will get the shaft again.
To start with you should know I am a voter, I am NOT loyal to one party, I have voted for Carter twice, Reagan once, Bush Sr once, Clinton once Perot once, Bush Jr once, and finally Obama once, so far. So I always vote, not always picking the winner and NEVER dedicated to one party, nor do I vote the party line. Personally I think the party system sucks and we need a major overhaul of our election system as well.
Anyway, my point was the campaigning goes on way too long, it seems its one continuous campaign from first day in office til the next election. Some things about the campaigning I don’t understand, like... who pays the airfare to bus the current president, staff and family all around the country? Who pays for the 5 star hotel? Who pays for the security detail? Does the presidents' pay get docked for the time off on the campaign  trail? (We the people...)
In 2008 election, Obama raised 744 million, Cain raised 368 million according to www.opensecrets.org. The remainder of candidates raised an additional 4.5 million. So... how many hungry Americans do you think they can feed with a billion+ dollars? I'm ASSuming the majority of contributions come from "Special Interest" that does not have interest in we the people and another large chunk from "Blind Party Loyalist" that will just donate because... that was what my father did, not giving thought to the actual man or robot running for office. 
Again, I am not loyal to any one party, I always do my best to asses the "Man". Yes I'm going to give my assessment for 2012. Romney, really, the GOP could not find a better horses ass to back? I liked Reagan a lot, Lincoln was a republican as well as Eisenhower. I realize the gate of republican nominees for 2012 was nothing more than a bunch of crap bags, and that is why I am confused as to why the GOP ran with such a narrow field. Lets face it, "Obama killed Osama" (yes Mr. President...you may use that tag line as a song title for your re-election campaign) and that in itself should be enough to clinch the election.
Back to my original point, the campaign goes on way too long...way way way too long. There should be strict regulations as to the length of time candidates are allowed to campaign, say 6 months to a year. Another change needs to be in campaign spending. Each candidate would be allowed to spend a maximum amount on any one run. For instance... when a campaign fund has accumulated the maximum amount, no more contributions can be taken for that years election, amount to be determined by an unbiased 3rd party. So now money won’t be the reason a candidate wins. Lies, no more lies. If candidates are forced to speak the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth they won’t have nearly as much to say now will they.

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