Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama and Immigration...How are you going to pay for them Mr. Obama?

Well we all knew he would do it... nobody wants to talk about it... and I’m not sure why. If I could have a face to face with Obama I would say, “where ya gettin the money from to support your new illegals? You can’t afford to support the taxpaying citizens now! State programs are being cut due to federal fund to the states are being cut, and federal programs are being cut because you don’t have the funds to pay the bills. So whats up with that  Mr. Obama?
I expect our tax dollars to go to support the taxpaying public and American citizens, where are you going to get the money from? I imagine you will cut more funding to programs we have paid for all the years. Illegals have put a strain on our education system. Overcrowded classrooms, not enough teachers, not enough books and supplies. Our healthcare system is under pressure from illegals. When I go to the hospital I must pay my deductible plus I must pay what my health care insurance won’t cover. That is the health care coverage I must pay out of my pocket. An illegal goes to the hospital and pays NOTHING, it free to illegals. Actually its free to the illegal, and someone must pay and we are that someone, my tax dollars pay for illegals. Crime, housing, food banks all being stressed by illegals. 
I am not heartless, and yes I do extend a helping hand when I can. I realize we are all aliens to the USA except for Native Americans, and that is what makes the USA a great nation. But... ya gotta pull you fair share, because the middle class cannot pay for the poor, the rich and the undocumented.
Seriously, I am NOT opposed to immigration or reform, my grand parents went thru hell to be able to migrate to the USA, and now your just giving it away. It is not fair to taxpayers, it is not fair to Americans or America. It seems like Obama thinks he has a crystal ball... its good for the American people... we owe China how much and how much more will he give away in an attempt to be re-elected. No way I will vote for Romney... but I think we need another option to Obama, its clear he is never going to get a handle on jobs and the budget. He is working hard at re-election, it seems he may have just bought 800 thousand new votes on our dollar.

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  1. Another campaign promise he'd like to fulfill. Plus bump up the democrat voting pool.