Thursday, February 9, 2012

The Job You Save May Be Your Own...Don't Buy That Chinese Junk!

My latest form of exercise is to "mall walk", climate controlled, food court, rest room and if I get real tired I just go to the department store and nap in a recliner. So on a recent mall walk I went by a store named "America's Kids" expecting to find American made clothing. On display they had a cool jacket for a child I thought would look good on my 3 year old nephew, so in I went to look at the jacket...
and the first thing I notice is the label, Made in China. I look at another style Made in China, and another and another and another.... I looked at 22 different items, some boys some girls some older kids some younger, not one item I looked at was Made in America. The tally is:1 Pakistan,1 Viet Nam,2 India,2 Indonesia, and 16 China. So why did they not name the store "China's Kids" that may be who made most of the stuff. Needless to say I was pissed. And you must know the picture is much worse than what you see here.

According to the US Department of Commerce: in 2010 the USA IMPORTED from China 364.9 Billion dollars worth of 2010 the USA EXPORTED to China 91.9 Billion in product.

This figure is yet another small part of a much larger picture, the web sight posted this graph...

in 2008 the USA had a trade imbalance of 690 billion with the rest of the world. What this means is, we exported 1.83 trillion in goods and imported 2.52 trillion in goods. IF 10% of the 690 billion trade imbalance is labor cost, and we spent that 10% on labor in the USA we would be able to employ in the neighborhood of 1.4 million people @ 50,000.00 each per year.

I worked for a major US auto maker from 1997 up until 2008. Since 1994 every new car I purchased has been and  still is American made. I understand people have the right to choose as they please and when someone showed up to work in a new foreign car I thought this is like "cutting off your nose to spite your face" and using "a double edge sword" to do the cutting then "biting the hand that feeds you"! Had enough cliches?

There are stores you can shop that sell products just made in America, strangely enough the name of the retailer is "Made In America Store", please visit the web sight (

Another product soon to be available is an American made televisions, Element Electronics has designed a line of American made Televisions, check em' out at for the full story and see the products Made In America.

Buying American made products is not that difficult. If you are reading this blog you have all the tools you need to shop America. If you like having the freedoms Americans have, pass the word to your friends and family. Stop buying that Chinese junk at whatever discount store you shop. WE all need to do our part to save our country.

How about quality... if you have ever done a side by side comparison it is very clear that USA makes products of higher quality. Yes the Chinese junk may be a buck or two cheaper but without doubt you will be replacing that Chinese junk very soon and there goes your 1.66 cents savings. Don't forget, China is a communist government and they support another communist nation(North Korea) so along with your 1.66 cents savings you may be indirectly supporting the next nuclear war!

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