Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Capital Punishment, Why Not?

I could never understand why the government allows murders, rapists & child abusers to remain alive and for the most part the majority of these criminals are living free among us! I just cannot see the grey in the capital punishment issue.

I was raised with some religion in my family and I do (to some extent) understand the sanctity of human life... but... save a murders life is outrageous. Lets be real for a minute, serial rapists, murders and child molesters will never be cured. Note I qualified this statement a bit. "Serial" (not Cheerios) criminals are lifelong members of that crime club. 

Government spend how much on them, legal fees, housing, food, clothing, health care and than endanger the life of every man and women hired to guard them. How much is spent on rehabilitation and chasing down parole violators. We cannot forget about repeat offenders now can we, what can be more heinous than a convicted child rapist set free only to destroy anther young life. So I want to know what is the payoff to keeping them alive? 

I'm unclear why the life of an innocent citizen is worth less than a criminals life. What do I mean by that remark, think, just think... government lets murders run free for whatever reason and I take that to mean the government and the bleeding hearts think the next lost innocent life must be worthless. 

I realize people with nothing better to do and catholic priests disagree with me. To them I say "get a job" and "hey Pope, stop hiring serial child molesters". I do not want to bring religion into this issue at this time but sometime in the future we will get into it. So again I ask "what is the payoff.

The criminals are winning, look around you, watch the news, open your ears, pay attention crime is rampid among us. According to the "California Nonpartisan Fiscal and Policy Advisor" the average cost to incarcerate an inmate for 1 year is $47,000.00 and according to the "NY Times" 04/23/2008 the US has 2.3 million incarcerated criminals, consider this... China (with over 4 times the population of the US) only has 1.6 million in prison. 

If my calculator is correct in the US the government spends 108,100,000,000.00 (one hundred eight billion one hundred million dollars) per year on criminals. Think about how many hungry kids could be fed or how many school teachers can be hired with just a fraction of that money.

If one of my readers disagree with my opinion all I could tell them is "I hope you feel the same way about preserving a criminal after one kills your mother, rapes your wife and has his way with your 6 year old daughter as the little girl is crying asking WHY DADDY"?      

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