Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Child Rape Enabler Dies! Burn in Hell Joe.

 Dead at Last!
Americans never cease to amaze me, seriously. Example: Joe Paterno, in a television network interview states he was sorry he did not do more. He was at a point able to stop any further child rape but for the sake of a GAME he did nothing to stop it. He allowed human life to be DESTROYED for a GAME. What makes this event more atrocious is thousands of people still adore him. What he achieved in the past is a single grain of salt floating in an ocean of salt water. Its meaningless. How does he get hero status. 

Zach Galifianakis publicly refuses to work with Mel Gibson because he used the N word. He did not use the word to berate a person but in the heat of the moment in an argument trying to make a point... however Zach happily  worked with a convicted rapist, Tyson. Millions of Americans love Mike Tyson, a convicted rapist and at least an equal amount hate Gibson. So from this I take it to mean “rape is politically correct” but saying the N word  makes you hated world wide. All very confusing to me.

Another example you ask, well how about X governor Rod Blagojevich, after his first trial, and after he was convicted of a federal offense he starts his rise to martyr dumdum. NBC tries to put him on the map on a reality game show, Every talk show coast to coast is seeking him out and hardly a one confronts his clearly criminal antics. He is allowed to lie on national TV day after day week after week as a defense and still hundreds of American people are rallying in support of a convicted criminal. So again a crime involving “sticking it to someone” does pay? See a pattern here?

So do you think God is going to say to Paterno “Joe, you will go down in history as the greatest coach of any GAME, to heck with the innocent human children who’s life I created, come sit with me high in heaven”. NOT!!  

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