Saturday, February 4, 2012

Buy American...

The Pay Off!

I try, I try really hard to buy American. I spend more time running from store to store just looking for American made products than it takes to ... Can't help it. I feel its my way to support Americans, and if everyone did the same it may just send a signal to the big box stores that we want American made products. The Chinese junk they sell is yet a story for another day.

In 2010 I was upgrading my kitchen and made the rounds to all the home improvement stores looking for a new kitchen faucet. While most companies are American owned not all of their products are made here. So I finally settled on a Moen faucet and the determining factor was it was "Made In America". 

The faucet I purchased had a filtering system built into it so I did not need to buy and install a separate piece. A few weeks ago the light started blinking telling me it was time to change the filter. So off to the store to buy a filter. I ended up having to order the filter from Moen because the big box junk stores no longer carried this item, nothing made in America to be found anywhere. I ordered the filters from  the manufacturer and received them in a couple days. 

While waiting for the filters I decided to finally install the water line to my automatic ice maker. In the process I broke the housing that holds the water filter! I am a klutz, and I broke it, it was not the fault of the faucet or filter. I called Moen again thinking it may be almost as expensive to buy a new faucet. I explained my problem to the young lady on the phone admitting I broke the part asking her how much to replace it and she replied "I'm sorry for the problem you are having and I would like to send you a new part at NO CHARGE". Truly I was amazed. Before I called Moen I went looking the part up on line and the cheapest I could find it for was $52 and that place said it was out of stock and everywhere else it was going to be closer to $70. 

Anyway...the point is we should all make an attempt, a serious attempt to buy American, perhaps the job I helped to save by buying American is reading this blog. 

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