Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Politically Correct My Ass!

I was watching a TV talk show the other night and one of the guests was a black comedian. Now you must know I am mostly  not a typical bigot, I hate ignorance. I have three best friends and two are black. So back to the point, the host asked the comedian if he liked tennis and who his favorite player was. The black comedian replied the Williams sisters “because they are black”. He did not laugh after the remark it was a serious response. So I started to wonder what would happen if a white comedian said “I like Larry Bird because he is a white basketball player”. I’m guessing all the blacks would erupt into a frenzy and all the white sympathizers would protest. So I wrote a letter to the TV host and complained of that remark and to date I still have had no reply. This is the message I sent:

On last nights show a black guest made a comment I found ignorant, Jimmy asked J.B. Smoove who his favorite tennis player was his reply was "the williams sisters BECAUSE they are black". Tell me if a white star said I like McEnroe BECAUSE he is white would that even make the air? I would never say I like Jordan because he is *blank*, I like Jordan because he is a great player. What makes it OK for a black star to be politically incorrect but that same remark makes a white star a bigot?

So far no response from the show and if they ever do I'll let you in on the reply.

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