Sunday, December 18, 2011


How many different "rage" labels are they going to come out with? Just a few I found on the net are: road rage, air rage, office rage, desk rage, work rage, bike rage, trolley rage, rage rage rage rage rage rage rage rage, its the the latest "rage."

If it walks like a duck...
In every "rage" case there is one common denominator, without doubt every incident of "rage" is caused by "That Idiot." On a flight from Buffalo you became upset because the sky was so blue you had to start a fight with the flight attendant and on the drive home from the airport you think OMG the pavement is too hard, it was so hard I had to relieve my rage by running the guy driving next to me off the road! NO NO NO NO NO its "That Idiot" that causes all the problems. Seriously, do we all not get so mad at "That Idiot"

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