Monday, December 12, 2011

America...Love It...

If you don't like America "GET THE F*** OUT" "glad to show you the way"

And to add insult to immigration.... some AMERICAN students in the great state of California were sent home from school, because they were wearing tee shirts that had the American flag printed on them, on a holiday of a foreign country. WHAT! A kids in a tee proudly displaying his national symbol of freedom, in his own country(America if you can't keep up), chastised for displaying the American flag. WHAT THE F*** is going on in America... has hitler risen from the dead, have communist overrun Washington, is it true Obama is not an American? NO, NO and NO, it is just a mother f****r that does not like America. Could he be an illegal or just an asshole. Really not much difference between the two. I'm going to take a wild guess at this... he is homesick, longing for the "good old days" ohhhh to be hungry, thirsty, in need of medical attention, unemployed, uneducated, and oppressed. Yes he loves and misses the lifestyle many past generations desperately escaped to give future generations a better way of life. I am amazed at what aliens do to the America that provides them with all they cannot get in their beloved native land. I am very proud of my heritage and I hope to always have that identity but I would fight to the death for my America as many millions before me have done. This is a true story as reported on FOX news. This man really does exist. It was reported he is a high school assistant principal, apparently California does not check references . Is this really the person we want leading future American leaders? Freedom of speech is one thing but this seems to be treason. He has not only betrayed America but he has slapped the face of every American living and dead, he has been allowed to say "f*** you" to every veterans living and dead that have fought to give us our freedom. Fuck him and his family, fuck him and the country he escaped from. 

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