Friday, December 16, 2011

Least Interesting List

If I never hear the name Kardashian again it could be the best thing to happen. I refer to them as the KKK sisters due to the spelling of their names and they happen to have some things in common with the real KKK, they are both groups of ignorant people and the world would be a much better place without either. The KKK sisters claim to fame is what, having big fat asses and acting like idiots, not a lot to offer to society. Actually nothing to offer so I have to ask how is this interesting?
It was best said by Daniel Craig in a GQ U.K. issue "the Kardashians are f--king idiots"

Some of the others on her list are, well as fake and annoying as the KKK sisters, lets explore. Donald Trump is famous for what, bad hair and saying your fired, WOW what would the world do without him. How about Jeter, an overpaid baseball player, if you haven't noticed there are hundreds of them currently in the line up, yea swinging a bat at a ball takes a good eye but needless to say not the most interesting. Then we got Simon Cowell spewing crap at people making them cry boo-hoo on rehearsed staged fake reality TV shows, I would like to see him try his act in real life like on the south or west side of Chicago. Lets see who else did she pick I can dis, how about Pippa Middleton, she is now a star because her sister married up, Pippa is no longer just a slut she is a Royal Slut.  Herman Cane, let me see, she finds sex offenders interesting, that in itself should give you insight into her numb skull, frame of mind thinking. And we can't leave out a murder suspect now can we, I think that is what every parent wants their kid to grow up to be!! This is in no way shape or form entertaining.

The other people she picked I feel have earned a title as interesting but not the "most" interesting. Katy Perry seems to have genuine talent as do Eric Stonestreet and Jesse Tyler Ferguson and they all seem to have not sold their soles to a humiliating level as most of the others have. With the exception of Jeter,(he is a good ball player) and just because Knox got caught the others really do not deserve to be on any list, seriously look at their accomplishments, crap. 

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