Thursday, December 15, 2011

From The Begining Please.

It sickens me every time I read a story like this, a story that starts in the middle or at the end, come on press "from the start please". Not one story I read has anything to say about the offender that caused the incident as is the case in most of the half truth stories the press releases. 
From all the stories lines I have read this is what I pieced together, and again it is not from one story but bits I put together from several different stories: the flight attendant asked a passenger to remain seated until the plane comes to a stop before removing his overhead stored luggage, the passenger said f*** you and smacked the attendant on the head with his luggage (accidentally or on purpose should not matter, he was doing something he should not be doing) causing the attendants head to bleed, at this point the attendant decided he had had enough crap (handed out by ignorant people that expect far more then they deserve) and made his announcement, took a brew for the road, and made a dramatic exit."
I would be willing to bet 10:1 that if the flight attendant was a woman, the "f" bomb passenger would not of left the plane unharmed by other passengers.
So, what is the story on the "passenger that threw the first punch", whats his name, how much time did he think he was going to save, how big of an idiot is he, is he going to be prosecuted? I'm guessing none of these questions will ever be answered!

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