Saturday, December 17, 2011

A Politician Goes to Jail!

Finally Justice for Blago!!!

14 years may not be enough, as I feel confident other politicians are right now scheming to lie, cheat, and steal as is the rich history on Illinois politics. It sucks to be one of the few that get caught. I'm sure its not over, I feel this just decision will be brought into question and be overturned.

I cannot believe people feel sorry for Blago, He is a crooked politician, so I can only assume the bleeding hearts are in support of criminal activity(birds of a feather). As for his kids, consider them lucky they will not be reared by a criminal. Seriously, are kids better off being raised to lie and cheat or to be without a father. I would think DCFS should investigate, I'm convinced other parents have had their kids taken from them who have not been on a crime spree as encompassing as Chicago's own Bonnie & Clyde. Patty belongs in the cell next to him!

If I had a vote on his punishment, I would suggest he be put in solitary confinement. He likes to spew bullshit and I would think after a year or so of him listening to his own lies he will realize what he sounds like.

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